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nativecore IaaS

Manage cloud servers in your own virtual data centre with the powerful nativecore IaaS product.

What is IaaS, and why would I want it?

IaaS simply means “Infrastructure as a Service”. In even simpler terms, this means you use our powerful infrastructure to power your own servers or even your entire brand. For instance, you can take out some space on our IaaS product, and easily create or remove virtual servers within that space as and when you need to.

Imagine owning your own datacentre, having access to your own staff, and a number of dedicated servers that can be installed or removed at will – that is what our platform gives you in an enterprise grade virtual environment.

How many servers can I create?

You can create an unlimited number of cloud servers within your allocated resource space.


Contact us for your custom IaaS requirements on 0333 321 0048 or email